» 'DRAMA' Lyrics - Hangul/Romanization
» DRAMA Comeback: Nine Muses' 3rd mini-album on the 23th + two new members!
» MINE Worldwide Mapping: get to know our fandom!
» Ryutube: Sera releases music video for her self-composed 'Hear Us'
DRAMA Comeback: Nine Muses’ 3rd mini-album on the 23th + two new members!

After ovear a year since their last single ‘Glue’, our favourite group ever Nine Muses is back!

The group has been delaying their comeback for months ever since the withdrawl of Ryu Sera in June 2014, due to the hardships found on the process of recruiting new members. However, the long wait ended on January 8th when Star Empire released the first teaser!

MINE Worldwide Mapping: get to know our fandom!


Nine Ladies is bringing you something that can be quite interesting: we want to map our fandom and gather some information from as many fans as possible so we can build somehow a “profile” of MINEs. How does that work? I’ll explain you!


‘DRAMA’ Lyrics – Hangul/Romanization


순진한 척, 모르는 척, 나도 몰래 이브의 사과 손을 댔나, 입을 댔나.
이건 아닌데, 절대 아닌데, 하면서도 나 빠져들어, Yo Yo This is Drama.

어색해진 우리 사이, 마의 Triangle, 위태로운 우리 사이, 법이 없는 Jungle.
아슬아슬 줄타기가 시작되려 해, Stop over 맘의 준비 필요해.

You & Me 무대 위, 둘만이 덩그러니, 슬픈 음악 뒤로 흐르고,
까만 밤 별들이 조명처럼 비추네, 그 빛 아래 엇갈린 우리 Oh

처음부터 네가 좋았었는데, 하필 내 가장 친한 친구가
너를 사랑하게 됐대, 너랑 잘 되는 거 같대.
Drama에서나 나올법한 얘긴데 어떡해. 이제 나

Ryutube: Sera releases music video for her self-composed ‘Hear Us’

Ever since her departure from Nine Muses in June this year, Sera has dedicated her time and effort into her Youtube account, posting covers and original songs for much appreciation and happiness from her fans.
Today (17th), Sera published a music video for a self-composed song, titled “Hear Us”, with a noticeably improved photography and camera work.

Her channel, /TheRyuSera, nicknamed by herself as “Ryutube”, already has over 15,000 subscribers, with her most watched video (dedicated to the MINE fandom) surpassing the 40,000 views mark.
Follow Sera on her Youtube channel by clicking here!

Nine Muses to have a comeback in January 2015 with new members

After the departure of three member from the group, Nine Muses will finally be making a comeback next year in January, with a new roster of members. Multiple representatives from the agency have reaffirmed the fact of a new lineup for January, but it has not been determined yet how many members will partake in the group activities.
The group has had a rocky relationship with members since their debut. They debuted in 2010 with “Let’s Have a Party,” but soon after members Rana, Bini, and Jaekyung graduated from the group. They were replaced by Hyuna, Kyungri and Sungah who completed the group as nine.
Then, earlier this year in January it was announced that Lee Sem and Eunji would be graduating to focus on their personal activities, and adding more fuel to the fire, in June, Sera also left deciding not to renew her contract.
Currently the group stands at six members, Minha, Hyuna, Euaerin, Sungah, Kyungri, and Hyemi. Their agency, Star Empire Entertainment had also recently launched a self produced YouTube series called ‘9Muses Cas’t with the members in order to show a different side of them to the fans.
Source: OBS via Koreaboo